Our passion for brewing kombucha began in 2014. As aspiring "homesteaders" we wanted to craft a kombucha that could be as medicinal as possible, yet also had a delicious flavor profile. As our passion for brewing was beginning to unfold we decided to pack our bags and move out to the "Big Island" of Hawaii. While we were exploring the Hawaiian Islands we became fascinated with the culture that seemed to surround the beloved fizzy beverage- dedicated kombucha bars, kombucha on tap, unique and exciting flavors... and don't forget the drum circles! What was not to love?!

As our trip was coming to an end we felt inspired- we wanted to bring the aloha spirit back to our home town of Muskegon Michigan but we weren't sure how.

Confused and seeking something worthwhile to do, we began to brew kombucha once again, only this time the whole family was involved! We would come together and spend Sunday afternoons crafting kombucha -creating a laboratory of our kitchen to concoct delicious flavors and perfect the fermentation process.  Soon our hobby transformed into a passion. We were brewing weekly and giving it to our friends who loved the mysterious concoctions we were coming up with. Thats when it hit us! Lets bring health, vitality, and happiness to our hometown. Lets pay it forward and become active members of our community! Lets Lively Up ourselves!!

And since then we have worked endlessly to make a kombucha that tastes good, and feels good when you drink it. We have located the highest quality tea sources, sugar sources, and of course always 100% organic ingredients. Our process is simple: long age fermentation + high quality ingredients = a delicious "genuine dry" kombucha that can be admired by the first time kombucha drinker & the kombucha connoisseur. Low in sugar, high in probiotics. Just how it should be! 

 Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us, we hope you enjoy our brews and follow us on our journey!


Brenna Kelley, Zackery Smith

Wait, what is kombucha?

Kombucha is a effervescent, non-alcoholic fermented tea. Composed of water, tea, sugar and a live culture called a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast), through fermentation the kombucha uses sugar as energy and converts it to healthy organic acids, vitamins, enzymes,  and probiotics-resulting in a beverage with low amounts of sugar and caffeine. These work together to create a delicious, bubbly tonic that supports nutrition absorption, digestion, liver function, detoxification, immunity, PH balance and overall well being.