Craft Kombucha- Bottled to Perfection.

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Jammin’ Ginger

Crafted for the true ginger connoisseur- Jammin Ginger was made with the intention of awakening the fire within. This kombucha is not a subtle flame, but a vigorous blaze! Inspired by Pelé-the Hawaiian fire goddess herself-we ignited this brew with raw ginger root and paired it with hibiscus flowers and oolong tea. Jammin' Ginger is about evolution: transformation, expansion and release. Burn Bright, Unite, Spread Light!

Ingredients: Triple Filtered Water*, Cane Sugar*, Oolong Tea*, Ginger Root*, Hibiscus Flowers*, Raw Live Cultures*

*= Organic Ingredients


Turmeric Sunrise

Turmeric Sunrise was brewed with the intention of strengthening the immune system. This soft, warm, and juicy brew brings the intuitive connection to Michigan maple trees and natural thirst for citrus. Crafted with Vanilla Beans and Oranges and Turmeric- this is a creamy brew that can be enjoyed by all! Cheers!

Ingredients: Triple Filtered Water*, Cane Sugar*, Black Tea*, Green Tea*, Oranges*, Turmeric Root*, Grade A Maple Syrup*, Vanilla Bean*,Raw Live Cultures*

*= Organic Ingredients


Lovin’ Lavender

Lovin’ Lavender is a crisp, sharp, yet light lavender kombucha made to resemble floral essences and aroma. We hand blend this brew using the highest quality lavender, rose petals and hibiscus flowers in an effort to support calmness and peace within. Like the sun taking its rest from the sky while the last beams of daylight shine through the trees across the meadow, we hope wherever you're at Lovin’ Lavender fills your heart and drifts your mind to its greatest memory~ Here & Now.

Ingredients: Triple Filtered Water*, Cane Sugar*, White Tea*, Oolong Tea*, Lavender*, Rose Petals*, Rose Hips*, Hibiscus Flowers*, Raw Live Cultures*

*= Organic Ingredients


Tropical Dream

Tropical Dream is a fun pineapple brew intended to resemble the spirit of Aloha! Paired with Organic Limes and Butterflypea Flowers, this is not your average brew! Tart and sweet, this Green Tea based kombucha packs full-bodied juicy flavor! A must have for a hot refreshing day! Be here now!

Ingredients: Triple Filtered Water * Cane Sugar * , Green Tea * , Pineapple * Lime * , Butterflypea Flower*, Raw Live Cultures *

*= Organic Ingredients